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Personal Statement: A World Rosier than Mine

He’ll be born in March. March is undoubtedly the best month for him to be born, because he can still be included in the elementary school calendar of class birthdays, he’ll share an astrological sign with Kurt Cobain and he’ll be mentioned in the same breath as both a lion and a lamb.

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Olivia Puente: Real men have curves, too

Everyone gives me more or less the same reaction when I tell them my celebrity crush is Seth Rogen. I’m always met with faces of pure shock and disbelief, followed by a chorus of questioning as to why. If I’m really lucky, I get hysterical laughter. Seth Rogen doesn’t have a six-pack, and he’s far […]

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Hannah Maier: Acting away anxiety

Interrupting our scene, my acting teacher put her hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. Soft, yet affirmatively, she told me to “park politeness at the door.”   “Get out of your head,” she demanded. “Don’t think about your reaction and don’t manipulate your response; just express the feeling that comes naturally […]

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FW16: Men’s Roundup

While men’s fashion has been around for a while now, an official Men’s Fashion Week was only started in 2012. Why care? Men, women and every identifiable person in between should be able to enjoy the innovative spoils of the fashion world.