Never underestimate the power of a beauty guru. Beauty tutorials and lifestyle tips have taken Youtube by storm. They are fun, artistic and helpful. Do you want to know how to make a smokey-eye or a holiday themed look? There are videos for that. Maybe you want suggestions on what types of products to use or tips on how to have healthier skin. Or maybe you just want advice on how to live a happier and healthier life style.

These are just some of the fabulous Youtubers with the answers you seek.

Tanya Burr is a makeup artist whose channel is dedicated to fun and spontaneous videos. With lots of collabs and challenge videos alongside the more traditional makeup tutorial, her format is similar to that of a vlogger. Additionally, she loves haul videos, so the viewer never has to worry about missing out on all the cool new products available. My favorite video of hers is her 3 minute makeup challenge with Youtuber Zoella.

Speaking of Zoella, Zoe Sugg is a British Youtuber who is widely known for her beauty tutorials and lifestyle hacks. She won the “Choice Web Star” award in the ‘Fashion/Beauty’ category in the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Additionally, she often takes her tutorials above her face and to her head for hairstyle tutorials. For anyone struggling with braids, these videos are incredibly helpful.  

Very much in the same vein as Zoella, Louise Pentland, also known as Sprinkleofglitter, is a lifestyle and beauty guru, except Louise has a little help in the form of her daughter Darcy, known as Baby Glitter. Her channel is full of fun collabs and Q&A videos as well as Haul videos and beauty tutorials.

On the other hand, Michelle Phan’s channel is almost a magical land. When looking for high fashion makeup tutorials her channel is the place to go. Prom night? An extravagant gala? Halloween rave? Cosplaying? Michelle has you covered. Her videos are all high quality with close up shots, voiceover and an atmospheric soundtrack. Her versatility is the most interesting thing about her channel. From tutorials for a unicorn inspired look to an everyday look to a complete skeleton or vampire horror look, Michelle is never boring.

Ingrid Nilson, known on Youtube as Missglamorazzi, is a lifestyle guru: home décor, hairstyles, clothing and makeup and even delicious recipes, she does it all. She is all about making her viewers’ lives easier and exciting. Her grilled cheese recipes look truly tempting.  

Speaking of food, if you love to eat you must check out the SORTEDfood channel. “SORTED” is one of the most professional recipe channels on Youtube and the British hosts are hilarious. They provide a new recipe every Tuesday and Friday; they vlog on Sundays; they have their own cookbook and website, and they even take requests. Warning: you will have to convert the measurements, but the food is worth a little math. I dare you to attempt the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger.

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