So, you want to join the Daily? In my completely unbiased, editorial opinion, I think that is an outstanding idea. I’m not just saying that because I met some of my favorite and most interesting people through this paper, or because writing for the Arts section helped me answer the ever-ambiguous question of what I want to do with my life. Contributing to the Daily is challenging, exciting and entirely what you make of it. 

The initially overwhelming process of writing for the Daily will quickly become routine; the student publications building is an extremely welcoming place. Once accustomed, your fellow staff members and various editors will encourage you to expand your journalistic horizons — whether that be conducting interviews, taking photographs or video of a special event or writing for the online components of the paper. Entirely run by students, the Daily is the perfect place to gain professional-esque experience without the intimidation factor that often comes with an adult presence. The people you will work with are likely to be some of the hardest working and most driven people you will encounter in your time at Michigan. Like any large organization, contributing to this school-wide paper also presents you with awesome personal, career and social opportunities. 

Besides fulfilling all of the quintessential college organization benchmarks, working for the Daily is simply fun. You are surrounded by a group of peers that are so talented and cool and inspiring that  you can’t help but become obsessed with the publication. The Daily is full of quirks — the mess of a newsroom on the top floor 420 Maynard, marathon elections spanning many hours and many beers, rousing games of “Jeopardy” and the distinct dynamics of each section make it a weirdly charming place of work. 

Whether you are dead-set on going into journalism as a career, want to explore potential interests or just want to test the editorial waters, the Daily has what you are looking for. Like I said before, your experience can be entirely what you want it to be — writing one piece a week, becoming a columnist, running for EIC, etc. You can make it a big or a little of a part your life, depending on what works best for you. No matter what the size of your commitment, your future occupational plans or your area of interest, the Daily is an excellent introduction the crazy world of journalism — and to some great experiences and friends, too. 

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