It’s that time again, the time when all of the Canadian Geese start to migrate to Ann Arbor, Mich. When the temperatures drop, we see an influx of these geese by the hundreds. If you haven’t caught onto my attempt at sarcasm yet, I’m talking about Canada Goose jackets. Having just transferred to this fine University, seeing every other person wear a Canada Goose is the very first thing I noticed.

For the record, I do own a Canada Goose, but in my defense it’s just a vest. How did Canada Goose manage to become so popular in these past five years? Apart from them being everywhere, some of the jackets are quite unique and come in fabulous colors: greens, blues, greys and red. Having said that, the majority of what I see is the same long, black fur hooded Canada Goose parka.

Prices for these beloved jackets start at $495 and can get as high as $1,275. Can we just stop and put that into perspective for a second? That money could go toward so many other things — paying rent, paying for insurance, a million Starbucks coffees and not to mention you get even get a plane ticket to Europe for those high prices. Also let’s not forget the last option — we could always just choose to put our money in the bank and save it, but that’s, like, a crazy concept.

Canada Goose jackets are quite literally made for and worn by people who are out in the Arctic. I know Michigan can feel like living in an icebox at times, but there are other jackets out there that can make you feel just as warm as that Canada Goose. Admittedly, when I first got my hands on my Canada Goose vest I was very eager to “show it off.” Being someone who values material things (sorry not sorry), I felt very proud to finally have my very own Canada Goose product. Yet, having owned it for two years now, I realize it’s nothing more than a warm vest with a cool patch on the front. There’s really nothing else to it. If anything, I should be feeling bad for all the geese that had to die for this product.

The “Kensington” parka, priced at $775, is definitely what more than half of the girls at the University are wearing. For the guys, the “Carson” parka seems to be the popular choice. These jackets are so expensive that they’re what I would call an investment piece. I struggle to believe that this many people like the same exact style, in the same exact color (black). Let’s be real. The jackets aren’t actually flattering, they’re just formless parkas. The jacket is hot right now. For a lot of people it’s just a fashion statement that will grow old in the next couple of years. I applaud everyone who has ventured outside of these two types and has decided to go with something different.

People tend to spend money on things they don’t necessarily care for, with money they don’t necessarily have, just so they can conform to the majority. To me, this is sad. Please only buy a Canada Goose if you truly want one. Although I do like my Canada Goose vest, and have to admit the jackets are good quality, I cannot deny the fact that they’re incredibly overrated.

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