Predictable millennial that I am, I love finding a good indie movie. And if it’s an indie holiday movie, I’m totally sold. Most people (or just narcissists) think from time to time how their life could be an affecting indie black comedy or  a hilariously original, woke half-hour series (@MTV, call me). I do this often. Nonetheless, my love for holiday movies permeates.

The holiday vibe for my straight-to-Netflix gem lies somewhere between Krisha and The Family Stone — but with happier endings and a bomb soundtrack. This movie I’ve made up in my head ends on the eating of Thanksgiving dinner. Family and friends pass turkey and (Chrissy Teigen’s) corn pudding; Then, as the camera does one last shot around the table, the song drops and the credits roll.

These are my top picks for that song. Given the range of songs, obviously their corresponding films would have different plotlines; however the playlist, as a whole, makes for a fantastically scored meal if played at an agreeable volume.




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