Sipping tea and dramatically looking out the window, as my overly critical friend would say, is one of the cheesiest cliches in artistic history. I get her point — I do. But sometimes what I need is a hearty dose of steaming Earl Grey, a delicious, crumbly blueberry muffin and a clear window from which to gaze out upon a cloudy blue sky.

You have to admit, it’s a nice image. But the most important complement to my daily sipping sessions is music.

Some of these songs are from my middle school renaissance of musical discovery, such as Ron Pope’s “A Drop In the Ocean.” All of these are pieces I’ve grown to love for their bittersweet, contemplative lyricism and softer sound, which heightens their emotional impact, rather than dulling it.

Most of this playlist deals with love, in all of its chaotic, unpredictable glory. Novo Amor’s “Anchor” is a warm, gentle reminiscence of a lost love, woven with lush, honeyed instrumentals that sing of aged regrets and caramelized nostalgia. “Bud” by Fenne Lily has the same soft tone and graceful voice, but is about the limitless possibilities of a new relationship rather than the remembrance of a defunct one.  

Lauv’s “The Story Never Ends,” Paradisa’s “Warpaint,” and Amber Run’s acoustic version of “I Found” rely on either acoustic guitar or piano instrumentals, while “Byron,” “Fading,” “Blood Stutter” and “Night Drive” feature more prominent electronic instrumentals. The two categories have different components, but all share the pensive, melodious beauty necessary for an enjoyable tea drinking atmosphere.

Even if I can’t specifically relate to some of the songs on here, they’re great to angstily sing along to nevertheless. Whip out your favorite mug, turn up the volume, and enjoy!


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