It gets dark at 5 o’clock. The sun, now a quickly fleeting memory, finds it acceptable to leave us pawing through blackness, throwing us to the mercy of yellowing, moth-filled streetlights. Rather than rejuvenating blue, the sky is now inky and looks of cold wind. The quick descent of nightfall changes the campus; it prompts students to turn in early, to bunker down and hide away from the rapidly chilling air.

Doom and gloom aside, there is something peaceful and provocative about the elongated night. With darkness comes a certain stillness, a quiet that envelops you. In this still, small bubble, feeling is amplified. Alone in your room or walking across campus as the air stings your face, music sounds more real. At night, there is nothing to separate you from the sound — the cold numbs you, the music thaws you.
So, take advantage of the black expanse of each night. Let it all creep up on you. Set a brisk pace, hunker down in a coffee shop or stare at your ceiling and just listen.

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