Once Sept. 5 hit and the festivity days of labor day weekend / welcome week were over my brain turned from craving upbeat pop and rap tracks to melodic folk and alt-rock songs. Strings and electric guitars take the place of electronic drums and synths.

Coming back to school always gives me this strange combination of nostalgia and excitement. I realize that the past year has truly come to an end, but that’s not necessarily bad. With the fall change will come: positive change, negative change, neutral change; Regardless of its charge, it’s inevitable.

The songs on this playlist either talk about change or invoke a sense of nostalgia in me. Whether it’s literal like “The Times They Are A-Changin’” by the legendary Bob Dylan or more indirect like “New Slang” by The Shins, most of the songs contain some lyrics related to change.

The songs “Flume” and “Comin’ Round Again” both make me feel very nostalgic. “Flume” was the first Bon Iver song I ever became obsessed with while in high school. It reminds me of sitting by a fluttering fire while camping in the fall with my family. “Comin’ Round Again” reminds me of my sophomore year of college (How the hell am I a junior already? Please make time stop.) A fellow Daily Arts Writer introduced me to Houndmouth and for a few weeks they were my exclusive walking-to-class music.

I also included “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” off of “The Social Network” soundtrack because I’m still dreaming that maybe one day my college experience will resemble that movie.

Enjoy these and more as you get back to the grind.


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