I don’t know about y’all. But fall has me feeling a little funky. Not like Bee Gees funky, but like in a funk funky.  It’s not the weather; I swear no matter the temperature I am sweating. SWEATING. So the slight bitterness of fall air is something I am about. But getting back into the swing of classes and work, while maintaining the personal/creative energy to write occasionally about some stuff that I love can be a challenge. But, just today, I started an additional medication and went to ~both~ of my classes (One of which doesn’t even take attendance! *slaps own ass in celebration*).

Art helps when the world feels like a black box — my emotions and anxiety-induced questions amassing inside while the outside world keeps moving as expected. This is why I spend so time in my room readings books, watching movies, endless episodes of “Damages” or playing the same several songs on loop. Because, depending on my headspace at the time, the art that enamours me (~we~) can legitimize what I’m feeling, or offer a vision/inspiration/hope for what things could be like … or maybe even both.

These are the songs that have carried me through the semester up until now. (Yeah, I know it’s only week three but piss off.) As I write this I’m feeling the best I have in a while. I hope you are too, and if not, I recommend giving these songs a shot.




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