There is a piece of everyone’s childhood that is monumental, something that shapes the way one thinks or acts. Immediately, I think of music –– even more so, I think of women in music. I think of “Jumpin’, Jumpin’” and “… Baby One More Time.” I remember asking Santa for the Spice Girls: Greatest Hits album and dancing in the mirror to the classic “Wannabe.” I think of my sister (a baby of ’94) and our never ending love for female artists, especially those who shaped our music tastes and set an example of being a leader in the art world.

It’s strange to think that there are girls out there now who don’t know of Donna Summers or Tina Turner. There are girls who have never played with Furbies, wore overalls or shoved colorful barrettes in their braids. There are girls who won’t know how confidence-boosting Destiny’s Child was (thank God Beyonce’s still big in music). They won’t know what is was like to be a young girl of the ’90s, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve sadly forgot what that feels like too.

This playlist is for every girl from the ’90s who wants to revel in the joy of their adolescence and for every female artist who became my role model and set an example for powerhouse women. My suggestion: Throw on some baggy jeans, put your hair in two side buns and feel your feminine side thrive with the true alphas of the ’90s.


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