“South Park” continued its most subversive season in years with “Sponsored Content,”which unveiled secrets behind some of the town’s big changes and leaving fans anxious to find out what happens next.

Though “South Park” has used in-show continuity in the past, never has it done so to the extent of season 19. Over the course of the last eight episodes, new aspects of the show — Historic Shi Tpa Town and PC Principal to name a few—are slowly being revealed as an elaborate conspiracy that threatens the town’s very existence.  

In “Sponsored Content,” the South Park Elementary newspaper became the most trusted news source in America. Meanwhile, its editor Jimmy contended with PC Principal who the paper accuses of using “PC” to mean … well something else.

“Sponsored Content” might not have been the funniest episode this season, but it’s a comforting sign that the show’s recent changes are leading somewhere interesting.

It’s way too early to tell, but the season 19 arc might just be the most elaborate thing “South Park” has done in a very long time, keeping the show’s trademark edge and relevance despite its age.

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