The more we find out, the less we know. ABC’s new hit drama “Quantico” has pulled out all the stops in its first season — and the latest episode, “Over,” was no exception. The secrets keep piling on, and the godly FBI agents keep up their badassery.

In real time, FBI agent Alex Parrish (Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra) continues to hunt for the terrorist who set her up for the Grand Central Station bombing. Lucky for her, the FBI got hacked, leaking classified documents with all the information she needs to clear her name. Then comes a big twist: There’s another bomb somewhere in the city, and nobody knows where to look. Flashback to the Quantico training facility, and the NATs are given yet another test. Nimah and Raina finally reveal their separate entities, but Simon seems to have accidentally fallen for the “wrong” twin. Shelby and Caleb continue to develop their romance, building suspense for the reason that will explain their doomed relationship.

The double-time structure of the show allows for a fast-paced drama, keeping the audience on its toes and eager to connect the dots. The agents have a contagious chemistry and complex background stories, which provides the dramatic backbone for this supposed “guilty pleasure” series

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