Warning: Our favorite TV couple may be splitting up. In this week’s midseason finale of “The Mindy Project,” new parents Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling, “The Office”) and Danny (Chris Messina, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”) have a heated argument about kids and Mindy’s duty as a mother.

Mindy, a successful OB/GYN and unconventional mom, isn’t one to stay at home with the kids. As she explains to Danny, the “Peanuts” kids are growing up just fine without the constant supervision of adults. But Danny takes a different view: “Charlie Brown’s 10 years old and he’s bald and he has no friends. Yeah, he’s doing fine.”

There are other bones to pick between the two parents, too, like the fact that Mindy still owns a private million-dollar apartment, though she spends most of her time with Danny and Leo. Complaining, Danny swings low by saying that the Virgin Mary, perhaps the most famous mother of all, didn’t have a separate apartment in West Village. Mindy snaps back, “If Mary had an apartment as cool as mine, she probably wouldn’t have been a virgin.”

Jokes aside, a reflective Mindy enters a flashback of the couple’s first meeting at Shulman and Associates, very “When Harry Met Sally”-esque. Revisiting their uncomfortable first encounters and their mutual loathing of each other in the months that followed, Mindy is able to again see the flaws in Danny, but also how they overcame their arguments: like when Mindy insists that she move a giant armoire into her new office and Danny agrees that if it fits, it’s meant to be.

Back in the present, a teary-eyed Mindy brings Leo’s crib to her apartment for a test. When the crib fits in the room, Mindy takes down the “For Sale” sign from outside. Does this mean Mindy and Danny are no longer meant to be? 

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