Paramount’s “The Big Short” trailer is reminiscent of the “The Wolf of Wall Street” trailer in that it’s deceptively glamorous — casually cutting to images of semi-nude strippers and $20 bills floating everywhere. The people in these trailers really need to invest in rubber bands. This is a movie about the economy collapsing, right? 
This is probably the whitest movie trailer of all time. It cuts to the core of the basic khaki-wearing, Ruby Tuesday-going Caucasian male fantasy of wearing nice suits, playing golf and spending time with tall, skinny blonde girls. It’s not that I dislike movies with lots of slick white guys in them on principle (though I really hated the woefully insincere “Black Mass”), this just seems like a pretty egregious pleasure-show aimed at a painfully specific audience. 
The “clock ticking” motif of the trailer’s music is a bit on-the-nose thematically, but it provides an alright structure in which to present the film’s aesthetic. I can’t say I’m not excited to see this movie — though its cast is pretty horrendously milquetoast, you can’t deny their talent. 

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