Littered across our email inboxes with the tenacity of an unwelcome relative, the word “unprecedented” has been used innumerable times in an effort to try and describe what exactly this last year was (or has been). To quote Lin-Manuel’s magnum opus: “The world has turned upside down.” Things are topsy-turvy. Out-of-whack. All shook up. 

Given this 2020-branded spirit of irregularity, Daily Arts wanted this next B-side to be different and experimental, something that would push the boundaries of our writers.

Enter The Wild Card B-side, in which Arts writers approach new genres, push boundaries and write without any constraints. The result: a collection of pieces resembling a band of misfits. From recipes to love poems to photo essays, The Wild Card B-side is your place to see Arts content like you’ve never seen it before.

Pick a card, any card, at the Magnify website here.

Grace Tucker, Senior Arts Editor

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