“All in the Family” picks up where the previous episode left off. Chuck (Rob Benedict, “Masters of Sex”) promises to explain his presence and the glow of the Samulet to the Winchesters, but he wants privacy to do it. Chuck teleports them to the Bunker, where Kevin Tran (Osric Chau, “Blood and Water”), former prophet and friend, appears. He is still a ghost and after Kevin vouches for Chuck, Chuck sends his soul to heaven, prompting an appropriate “Holy Crap” from Dean.

The three of them sit down to talk, with Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) taking a more distanced and defensive position. Sam (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) is a bit of a fanboy around Chuck, having discovered that he’s God, and is full of questions and babbles a bit (rather adorably). The planets are round because of gravity and spin Sam. If you want to ask God a question then ask him why he made the laws of physics work the way do, not why planets are round.

Dean, however, is less willing to trust and forgive. He thinks it’s great that Chuck is back to help with the Darkness, but he wants to know why God never stepped in before with all the other horrible “crap” that happened on Earth. He says, “People pray to you, they build churches for you, they fight wars in your name, and you did nothing.” Chuck defends himself by saying he tried being hands-on, but ultimately decided that his creations needed to grow up on their own. Dean says it sounds like he’s just trying to justify leaving them. Chuck accuses him of confusing him with Dean’s own dad. To which I say, okay, but you are the Angels’ Dad and you left them, and aren’t you technically humanity’s Dad? How dare you make Dean cry more than A Single Man Tear.

Amara (Emily Swallow, “The Mentalist”), meanwhile, is still trying to get to God by torturing Lucifer (Misha Collins, “24”). Lucifer refuses to rise to the bait and, despite the fact he has no lost love for his father, promises Amara that, even if she defeats God, she will never be God.

Chuck is unhelpful in the search for Amara but promises he has faith in Sam and Dean’s ability to find her. He also denies needing Lucifer, accusing him of creating an alliance with Amara, and of being a trap and a disappointment. Chuck turns in for the night, and Dean searches for signs of Amara. As if she knew he was looking, Amara appears in front of him. She says she could feel that God has surfaced and asks Dean to pass on the message that Lucifer isn’t doing well. She shows him an image of Lucifer (Cas) and reminds Dean that, by choosing to ignore her, God is at fault.

That night, a deadly fog rolls into a nearby town, killing everyone except one person.  The next day, Sam catches wind of a news report on it, and the pair of brothers go talk to the survivor. After they feed Chuck bacon. Yes, apparently God eats bacon, much to the delight of Dean and the dismay of any viewers who don’t eat pork for religious reasons.

Donatello (Keith Szarabajka, “Star Wars Rebels”), the survivor of the attack (who’s not named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), says he suddenly started seeing symbols and hearing voices. Then he started seeing a vision of Amara. The description he’s giving sounds like what Kevin described when he became a Prophet. The brothers believe that Amara accidentally triggered his latent prophet-ness. While Sam talks to Donatello, Amara once again reaches out to Dean and asks to meet with him in private.

Donatello is upset by the revelation that he’s a Prophet because he’s an atheist. They bring him to the Bunker so he can help them find Amara. Chuck has made himself at home in the Bunker; he’s not wearing pants, eating Chinese food and watching curling on Dean’s laptop. Chuck introduces himself and apologizes for not saving his cat from the Darkness. Donatello apologizes for being an atheist, but Chuck assures him it’s not an issue.

Metatron (Curtis Armstrong, “American Dad!”) also catches the news, notices Sam, Dean and Chuck in footage of the previous fog attack and calls Dean. He has been reading Chuck’s biography and has something he needs to talk to the Winchesters about, but he needs to say it in person. They drive out to meet him at a bar where Metatron orders some sketchy looking margaritas. Metatron informs them that Chuck’s biography reads more like a suicide note. Chuck isn’t going to defeat Amara, he’s going to give up.

Dean and Chuck meet on a park bench to talk. Dean wants to know why Chuck is giving in. Chuck says he believes Amara’s issue is with him and thinks trading in his life will stop her from destroying the Earth. Dean thinks she’s going to kill him and destroy all of his creations. Chuck believes, even if he does fail, chosen people like Dean and his brother will step up and save the day.

Sam brings Metatron to the bunker. After a petty squabble over beer, they agree to go behind Chuck’s back and rescue Lucifer. Donatello will uses his prophet power to find Lucifer, Sam and Metatron will free Lucifer and Lucifer will teleport them out of there. Dean agrees to meet with Amara as a distraction.

Amara is still trying to convince Dean to “become boundless within” her, whatever that means. Lucifer still manages to be snarky while beaten up and tied up like a scarecrow. The good news is Lucifer wants to help them take down Amara even if it means working with his Dad. The bad news is he’s too weak to teleport them and Amara has discovered Dean has “betrayed” her. I’m pretty sure in order to betray someone, you have to be on their side to begin with.

Amara rushes back to where she left Lucifer. Metatron is waiting for her, while Sam and the others make a run for it in the Impala. After an entire seasons of being horrible and annoying, Metatron manages to redeem himself over the course of two episodes and dies like a martyr. Amara teleports herself in front of the Impala and holds the car there, though Sam ruins the wheels in an attempt to reverse.

Just when Amara is about to destroy them, the car is teleported to the basement of the Bunker (I wonder what Dean is going to say when he sees that). Lucifer and Chuck face each other for the first time since Chuck ordered Michael to put Lucifer in the Cage. Chuck notes Lucifer has changed, to which Lucifer responds that Chuck has also changed. Chuck denies it, and heals Lucifer’s injuries.

Donatello goes home but promises to be on speed dial if the Winchesters need anything. So long convenient plot device, maybe we’ll see you next season.  


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