The episode title “Don’t You Forget About Me” was ironic for me since I remembered nothing about Alex’s (Katherine Ramdeen, “The Super Alliance”) plotline going into this episode. Luckily, before the episode begins we are given a quick refresher. Alex is Sheriff Jody Mills’s (Kim Rhodes, “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”) adopted daughter who she and the Winchesters rescued from a nest of vampires who were using her as bait. Now the pair are living a semi-normal life, along with Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton, “Big Little Lies”) the daughter of Cas’s vessel Jimmy (Misha Collins, “24”). This episode is a family affair, which makes it that much more disheartening to know that Cas will not be present because he’s currently possessed by the devil.

“Don’t You Forget About Me” opens in a similar fashion to many episodes of “Supernatural.” Two teens are making out in a car when they hear a strange sound and the boy is yanked out of the car. However, he isn’t attacked by a monster. He finds himself on the ground with Claire pressing a sword to his neck.

In the bunker, Sam (Jared Padalecki, “Gilmore Girls”) and Dean (Jensen Ackles, “Smallville”) are running dry on cases and still haven’t heard from Cas (Casifer? Luciel? Jury is still out on that one). So, naturally, Dean has turned to eating. He presents the Elvis which Sam aptly describes as a double doughnut monstrosity but doesn’t get to eat it before he’s interrupted by his phone. It’s Claire.

Back in Sioux Falls, Jody picks up Alex from school. Alex is fitting in at school: playing soccer, dating a jock, buying birth control. When they get home Sam and Dean are waiting for them. Claire and Alex are fighting like actual sisters and Claire is giving Jody a hard time. Glad for the backup, Jody invites them for dinner.

Claire wants to talk shop, but the brothers are too busy eating. They don’t get too many home cooked meals. Apparently, even though Dean uses the kitchen in the bunker their food still tends to take the form of a patty. According to Claire there are three people missing, but Jody is skeptical and most of Claire’s hunting attempts have been assaults on innocent people. When she feels ganged up on, Claire shifts the attack to Alex and her boyfriend, forcing the Winchesters to sit through the most awkward family “Talk” ever. After dinner Dean helps clean up explaining that this wasn’t the kind of backup they’d been expecting to provide. Jody admits that it’s hard looking after teenagers, especially not having raised them.

Dean sends Sam to talk to Claire because she is skipping her college classes and Jody worries she has nothing else outside hunting, something that Sam understands better than most. Sam says that he understands, that she wouldn’t be the first person to use hunting to escape something. She admits that sometimes she feels left out of the “Jody and Alex Show” and maybe she ought to just head out and become a full-time hunter. He encourages her to try to wait it out. The hunting will always be there, but a chance at a school, home and family might not be. Sam and Dean missed their chance for a lot of “normal” things.

The next morning, Alex’s favorite teacher is strung up the school’s flagpole, dead. Jody and the fake FBI (the Winchesters) investigate. Claire walks up asking about monsters and Dean tells her off for being inappropriate and disrespectful to Jody. Alex interrupts them to let Dean know school is canceled and walks off with her boyfriend, Henry (Jedidiah Goodacre,“The 100”). Alex admits to Henry that she has seen and done some awful things in the past. Henry is supportive and caring. He is almost a little too perfect. Sam and Jody interview the janitor (Preston Vanderslice, “Arrow”) who found the body who comes off as suspiciously unfazed by the whole thing.

Sam and Dean decide to further investigate, while Jody takes Claire to reregister for her college classes. The two are attacked by vampires before they can leave. Jody manages to call Dean before she’s knocked out. The Winchesters get to Jody’s to find it empty. Sam heads off to save them and Dean drives to pick up Alex, but Henry shows his true colors, or in this case his true teeth, and abducts her.

Jody, Alex and Claire find themselves trapped in the school’s old closed down pool building the two vampires have been using for a base. The Janitor was a victim of Alex’s old vampire nest. He tried to save her and she let him get bitten and turned. They are both victims. He lost his family, so he goes after Alex’s.

Sam and Dean show up just in time to kick some ass and chop some heads, with a little help from Claire and Alex. The next morning Claire and Alex show their appreciation for Jody and share some sisterly bonding by making breakfast. Alex apologizes for putting them in danger, but Jody explains, “That’s what’s scary about family. It gives you so much to lose.”

The three of them see the Winchesters (and multiple Tupperware full of leftovers) off. Claire assures Dean that she will do her best to make Jody’s life a little easier and to do her research before jumping into a hunt. Alex assures Sam that if more vamps come she will be ready and admits that when she feels ready she wants to move on and leave the hunter life behind. Jody has one last word of advice: “As long as everyone wears a condom, we’ll be fine.” A sentiment which Dean finds bumper sticker worthy.


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