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There is so much more to someone’s style than clothing. Jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup, to name a few, are all indicators of personal style. Makeup in particular, for both men and women, serves as a higher form of self-expression. The use of cosmetics to enhance appearance or disguise is dated back to the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt. From creams and oils, to brightly colored paints for the eyes and face, makeup is so much more than a means to cover up imperfections. It has the ability to showcase a person’s mood and personality, as well as artistic talent.

Fast forward to 2016 — with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, the popularity of makeup has skyrocketed. With so many new beauty bloggers, trends and techniques, it’s hard to keep up. For example, bold brows and liquid lipsticks are in full force as the most popular beauty trends today. But how does one create a bold brow? There are so many options to pick from — think tinted eyebrow gels, powders and pencils. It’s all too overwhelming.

To answer those questions, The Michigan Daily Style Squad talked all things makeup with Ann Arbor’s best, Moriah Mierre Martin — including a makeup tutorial. Martin began seriously experimenting with makeup at the age of 20. So for all the students still itching to get into makeup, there is still hope.

What is even more inspiring is the fact that Martin learned by simply watching YouTube tutorials. Watching the work of beauty bloggers on a daily basis and subsequently practicing to gain a true mastery, Martin has come a long way. As a freelance artist, who travels from client to client, she is stationed at En’Fusion Beaute’ Salon.

Turning a passion into a full-blown career, she has gotten the opportunity to do makeup for a range of clients and events. One amazing experience in particular was her work on Rap Artist Big Sean for Adidas’ #ImaginedBy series titled “One Man Can Change Detroit.” Not only did she manage to make Big Sean look even more flawless, but Martin describes the rapper as “the most humble and genuine person” she has had the opportunity to work with.

From working with model/actor Shaun Ross, the first male Albino professional model, to being the featured makeup artist at The Powerful Women’s Weekend Conference last spring, held in Ann Arbor yearly, Martin has made the most of her talents and her Michigan surroundings.

With aspirations to break into the beauty industry even more in the coming year, Martin said her dream client would have to be Queen Bey herself. Beyonce’s naturally stunning facial features would be any makeup artist’s dream, so can we really blame her?

For the tutorial, we asked Martin to show us how to do a natural, everyday makeup look that incorporated some of the popular trends we see today. Michigan Daily style writer, Hannah Sparks, turned model for the demonstration.

Martin began with a blank canvas, a.k.a. a face without any makeup. This allowed Martin to begin her work from scratch, in a sense. Starting with some primer, the beautifying began. After Hannah was all set and primed, the next step was applying foundation with a beauty blender for the best (and most natural) coverage. Beauty blenders, otherwise known as those egg-shaped sponges, seem to be all the rage in the world of makeup.

Post foundation, concealer was applied, which started to make a noticeable difference on Hannah, making skin look luminous and perfect. The real MVP of this tutorial was the contouring that took place. It’s not what you may be thinking though — no insane Kardashian contouring was done. Instead, Martin showed us a way to keep it subtle, for everyday wear. It’s amazing how far a little contour can go. Using some light, powder-based shadows, she was able to give more structure to our model’s face. In addition to contouring, Martin used a highlighter/illuminator that made Hannah’s skin look bright and dewy. The key is to place the highlighter atop all parts of the face that capture natural light, so to amplify it.

Next came one of the most important steps: the bold brows. Turns out, it’s not as hard as it looks. Martin sculpted Hannah’s brows with patience and mastery, all with a brow pencil in a shade lighter than her eyebrow hair. Bold brows really manage to frame the face. Post brows, Martin quickly placed a light touch of shimmering eyeshadow with a swipe of mascara.

Finally, for the lips, Martin used a matte liquid lipstick, which are also all the rage right now (think LipkitbyKylie). The shade was a mauvey brown color and the matte texture was perfect to complement Hannah’s shimmery eyes.

The complete look created was a basic glam that can be taken from day to night. With enough patience, even the average University of Michigan student can watch Martin’s techniques and be able to recreate this go-to glam masterpiece. Sticking with a neutral palette, accompanied by some shades of bronzy browns to add depth, Martin created our new go-to look.

With every answer to our many questions, you could hear the knowledge and passion behind Martin’s words. Despite the abundance of social media outlets available today, Martin says she “constantly [tries] to research and keep up with the latest looks and trends as much as possible.” Her favorite Insta-beauty bloggers are Makeupshayla, Nikkietutorials, Amrezy, Jackie Aina, Desi Perkins, Lustrelux, Kilprity and Renny Vasquez.

While she does keep up with all the latest and craziest makeup trends, Martin admits that many of the huge trends have become borderline extreme. “Some of these trends have taken it to another level with too many unnecessary steps, making it seem difficult,” she said.

When asked her thoughts on highlighting and contouring, a trend that has infiltrated YouTube and beauty blogs, Mierre said the key to successfully conquering it is “one good contour powder palette” and “a great highlighter.” Her favorite line for both products is Anastasia Beverly Hills. However, she doesn’t only rely on high-end makeup.

Martin incorporates both high-end products as well as more accessible, drugstore items. Some of her favorite items include NARS All-Day Luminous foundations, Laura Mercier setting powder, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencils and contour palettes and Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. On the more affordable side she loves, Maybelline Fit Me foundations, Nyx micro brow pencils and brow gels and ColourPop eyeshadows lipsticks. Martin’s number one tip for great makeup, however, is not about which products to use. “Great makeup starts with great skin care!” she says, “When you take care of your skin, your makeup will look even better and more flawless!”

Interested in seeing more makeup looks by Martin, or have any questions about the work she did with the Daily Style Squad? She showcases much of her work on social media: Instagram (@beatbymo),  Facebook (Moriah Mierre),  or her salon-based website.

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