This time, it’s personal. At least it seems that way, based on the trailer for “Spectre,” in which Daniel Craig portrays the iconic super-spy, James Bond, for what might be the last time. The “Spectre” trailer gives brief glimpses into the intrigue Bond will pursue in Mexico City — a man masked in the style of a Día de los Muertos skeleton, a sniper on a roof, a potential local love interest. Most enticing, we get glimpses and snippets of Christoph Waltz (“Inglourious Basterds”) as Oberhauser, who claims to be “the author of all (Bond’s) pain.”
The trailer gives previews of the plot without giving too much away, hints at the villain’s motives without revealing them, and even gives us some classic Bond humor, when he japes that he visited Mexico City for a “long overdue holiday.” Expectations are high for “Spectre,” especially given the critical success of “Skyfall.” But if the film is as good as the trailer, there should be no problem living up to those expectations.

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