When we think of space, astrology and the galaxy, we rarely think of the fashion industry and style. However, the truth is that the concepts of space influence fashion in a multifaceted manner, whether consciously or not. This hidden affair between the two worlds has probably been blossoming since the day we landed on the moon.We can witness how the mark of the space was introduced via more geometric shapes and silhouettes on the runway by designers such as Andre Courreges or Emilio Pucci. Some began to shift to fabrics like PVC that were inspired by space suits; other designs became more utilitarian as a whole. The residue influence was subtle but was still undeniable. 

Even decades later, designers are continually drawing from the mystery of the space and the adventure that it promises. Take the Chanel Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection. Set against the backdrop of a rocket with models floating down the ramp in metallic hues and futuristic accessories, the show is an example of fashion’s continual fascination with the galaxy. In some ways, space gave birth to the futuristic style that has become commonplace today, be it through oversized, rectangular glasses or super reflective jackets. Coach’s Pre-Fall Collection in 2017 captured the sentiment of exploring beyond the given and achieving the impossible, reflected in their simple but direct prints on their garments and their marketing campaign. Some other huge collaborations include NASA X Vans or Nike’s Mars collection. 

Space has lent its artistic potential to everyday style and ways of thinking about fashion.  If you were to walk down any crowded street, you would find someone wearing a shift that jokes about their sun sign, dainty pendants in the shape of constellations or even t-shirts that don the NASA logo. 

The solar system goes beyond design as well. Bloggers such as STARtorialist dedicate their time to sharing the interaction of all things fashion, space and science. Similarly, publications such as Harper’s Bazaar or Her Campus often write about how to dress according to your star sign,or zodiac sign, and what that sign means for your personal style.

The interaction between fashion and space should not be surprising. Fashion is often pigeonholed and understood to only be what is visible on the surface, when in reality it is so much more than that. Similarly, astronomy is a way of thinking, it’s a belief that some events are beyond control and exert influence over others that we directly do control. This affair is more like two ways of thinking coming together and morphing into a common creative outlet. Moreover, both realms take into consideration things like patterns but apply them differently. To fashion, patterns are pertinent to defining a print or changing the entire look, while for astronomy and the science of space, patterns help predict. In the same manner, structure, forms and colors are pivotal to the functioning of each of these realms. Maybe that’s why intergalactic themes in the fashion industry have proven to be a huge success.

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