Kanye West is no stranger to making people scratch their heads in awe and bewilderment. At the most recent VMAs, he continued this time-honored tradition of his by announcing that he plans to run for President in 2020.

Some may be apprehensive about the rapper being elected to office due to his lack of political experience. But after some thought, it becomes increasingly clear why Kanye is the absolute right choice for the 2020 Presidency.

1. He’s honest:

Unlike many politicians today, Kanye has absolutely no problem speaking his mind whenever he feels like it. If he can walk onto the VMA stage and interrupt Taylor Swift, who’s to say he can’t demand that pharmaceutical CEOs lower drug prices, or that police stop using excessive force? Granted, there’s no guarantee he will do any of those things, but there’s no doubt he’s got the balls to do it.

2. He’s young:

As exciting as Bernie Sanders is, he’s so old that there’s a huge possibility that the stress of the Presidency will give him a fatal aneurysm the minute he steps into office. With Kanye, who’s on track to become the youngest President since JFK, Americans can rest assured that any fatal aneurysms he may suffer during his tenure as President will not be caused by age.

3. He understands the economy:

Some have complained about the ridiculously steep price of Kanye’s new fashion line. But there’s a reason for that: He knows that it’s worth it. And you can be damn sure he knows that America’s worth it too. With Kanye, no price is too high for the freedom of the American people.

4. He knows what’s important in life:

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Kanye was quoted saying “I don’t go a day without shoes.” That is some good common sense right there. In an era of excess and buffoonery from politicians, we need a leader with a good head on his shoulders.

5. He’ll bring new things to the Presidency that are too good to pass up:

Imagine the possibilities. A presidential debate in which he responds to a barb from an opposing candidate with a pointed “HAH?” An Auto-Tuned State of the Union. Free Yeezy shoes for everyone (apparently.)

6. Without a presidential bid, there’s really no good excuse why SWISH isn’t out yet:


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