A meaty guitar riff, a breathy clearing of the throat, a repetition of that sultry melody, and so begins Grimes’ newest single. Immediately setting itself apart from much of the artist’s previous work, “Scream” is an aggressive conglomeration of sound. Featuring Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes on main vocals, the tone of the track is arresting and confusing. In comparison to Grimes’ generally angelic, falsetto tone of voice, Aristophanes’ playfully taunting delivery gives the track a more alternative hip-hop feel.

The only thing that interrupts Aristophanes surging flow is the chorus, comprised of Grimes’ drawn out screams and hissing, animalistic panting by Aristophanes. For those listeners whose tongue differs from that of the Taipei-based rapper, the lack of concrete lyrics leaves the message entirely up to the tone of the music. And it is obviously one of power, intrigue and great things to come from Grimes. 

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