This February has been the time to be alive for indie rock/emo/shoegaze lovers everywhere. All of the sad boys are crawling out of their introverted online personas and are tweeting “#blessed.” The space goth girls are emerging from their black holes as they develop into their fan-girl alter egos. And this can all be blamed on the fact that not only has the lo-fi band Teen Suicide released a single, but their fellow emo/indie cross friends, Pity Sex, have released a new song as well.

Titled “Burden You,” Pity Sex’s new single does exactly that. Britty Drake’s soft voice cocoons your entire thought process and the only thing you can pay attention to is the music. The band attempts to pull off a shoegaze grunge sound and they do it so well with simple yet meaningful lyrics combined with dirty-sounding bass lines all laced with some spacey guitar rifts.

The lyrics in “Burden You” are delivered softly, but they slowly creep into your head and create a tunnel connecting to your heart. Britty Drake sings about young love and inside the simple lyrics she gives you everything you’ve ever wanted. She addresses unrequited love, confusion, regret and the want to feel wanted in a way that’s not extremely cliche. Drake sings in a way that feels personal, like she’s whispering in your ear. Hearing her sing the lyrics “I’ll always think of your lips when I’m moving mine against his. I wanna know, I wanna know that I’m running in your mind also, don’t let me go,” puts your heart in your stomach and fills your lungs with flowers.

“Burden You” creates a sadness that never felt so good.


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