Layers upon layers of textured, dripping sound culminate in a funky yet daunting net to create Detroit-based Omar S’s newest single, “The Lost Albatross.” The missing albatross mentioned in the title could refer to many aspects of the track — mainly its impossible-to-pin-down melodic progression. Just when you think you have figured out the different, synth-soaked elements and how they work together, Omar S switches up the composition, throwing listeners through a continual loop.

The beats and melodies build continually upon each other, easing in and out of the forefront to allow one or the other to shine. The melody moves from non-existent to a whisper in the background to the most prominent aspect of the piece only to once again be swallowed by some scratchy synth beats. The piece is both modern and retro, playing on the synth style of the ’80s while questioning its own place in current music. Despite its constant compositional change, “The Lost Albatross” consistently submerges listeners in waves of complex, grooving sound. 


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