OK, let’s talk about Gwen Stefani — because everyone should be. Her live music video during the Grammys (the first of its kind) was a brightly colored beacon of hope for continued experimentation in popular music — an idea the Grammy’s increasingly suffocate with each year’s ceremony.

Stefani has always been a singular character in pop music; her vocals — equal parts growl and smooth pouting — have allowed her to successfully front No Doubt and embark on extremely successful pop solo projects as well. Her newest, “Make Me Like You,” is the song no one knew they needed. I once touched Gwen Stefani’s shoulder during her Sweet Escape tour in the fifth grade (was trampled by a vegan mom moments after), and this is just the track to prove we are forever connected. She’s got her new beau Blake and I have my first-ever real person date this week. She’s unapologetically and simultaneously confused, frustrated, excited and grateful. So am I, and I think most people experience a (hopefully) healthy mixture of the aforementioned.

The track doesn’t bring any revelations or real solutions to the feelings, but the lyrics are catchy without leaning towards the tepidity of much of today’s pop music; the individual beats and instruments blend to form well-oiled production over which Stefani frosts her laid-back lyrics, completing this sweet, sweet pop tune. 2016 was first supposed to be about Rihanna, then about Beyoncé, and, now, Kanye, but Stefani Season may be just around the corner.




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