If YG making a diss track about (serious) presidential candidate Donald Trump is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Nothing about any of this insanity would seem realistic in any rational realm of the imagination, yet here we are, Mar. 30, 2016, and this is a thing that happened.

It’s a thing that doesn’t totally suck. On “FDT,” Both YG and fellow Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle come in hot after an opening snippet from black Valdosta State University students who were removed from a Trump rally Feb. 29, and drop F bombs galore on Trump. They ridicule his plan to build a Mexican-funded wall separating Mexico and the U.S., with Nip pleading “It wouldn’t be the U.S.A without Mexicans / And if it’s time to team up, shit, let’s begin / Black love, brown pride in the sets again / White people feel the same as my next to kin.” They find a way to reach their audience, whether the audience wants to take them seriously or not.

The only major perplexity of the song is due to its production. The beat is eerily similar to that of “Twist My Fingaz,” a July 2015 single teasing his second studio album, as well as a lot of YG’s other work. The funky bass, the playful drum machine, even the hints of piano — they’re all there. YG’s sound is super West Coast, but it seems lazy to rely on nearly the exact same sound for two distinctively different songs.

It still goes, though; YG continues to be one of the easiest rappers to listen to, and more importantly, beyond the generic production are eloquently stated pleas campaigning for the good of this country (“I’m from a place where you prolly can’t go / Speakin’ for some people that you prolly ain’t know”).

The rappers aren’t alone in hoping who they describe as a “Comedy Central-ass n—a” doesn’t lead the country. Their attempt to make sure everybody knows this is a valiant one, if anything, and they manage to entertain using relevant flow. It’s essentially rap lobbying, and they do a damn good job of it.

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