“Avoiding Boys” is a song worthy of blowing out your speakers. Its a dance-around-in-your-underwear, confidence-demanding track. ROMP, the group responsible for the tour de force, is expected to release its first full-length album, Departure From Venus, in early March.

The chorus of “Avoiding Boys” is undeniably empowering, with thrashing guitar backing up a voice telling you “I don’t care what you might say / This is gonna be a great fucking day.” In combination with this emboldening refrain, the song can read as a self-help guide for the apathetic millennial, toting lines such as “Last summer I could barely get up / Noting was easy.” Lines such as this hint at mental illness, a topic that is becoming more openly discussed, and presents it in an approachable, normalizing way.

“Avoiding Boys” is mighty in soundscape, honest in its ideas and a pretty good stand-in for a good friend telling you that everything will be ok. Not to mention the title, which presents some great advice in and of itself.


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