In Mexico, sicario means hitman. The trailer for “Sicario” will tell you as much. However, the trailer won’t tell you exactly what’s going on, plot-wise, and that actually ends up being one of its strengths. The first official trailer for “Sicario” takes you south of the border with protagonist Emily Blunt (“Edge of Tomorrow”), as she becomes engaged in the bloody, never-ending war between drug enforcement officers and the high rollers of illegal drug industry. One such high roller appears to be Benicio Del Toro (“Snatch”), while Josh Brolin (“No Country for Old Men”) plays Blunt’s ally.




Thursday, Oct. 1

The trailer begins with the oft-used strobelight strategy, flashing bits of the film between blank, black space. While unoriginal, the technique works well with similarly styled sound effects. Intimidating figures, tense, unexpected action and a Mexican backdrop seem to provide a reliable idea of what to expect from “Sicario.” For what it’s worth, talks of a sequel have already begun.

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