I.                  love. this. fucking show. I have given my metaphorical blood sweat and tears to every season of this show (except 1 and 3, sorry bout it), and i am 110% excited for season 8. you all have no idea what this show means to me.


Here is my ranking of the best entraces: Naomi Smalls kicking off, mmm girl, serving fish to the maxxx. Dax exclamation point: sickening. Acid Betty in and out of drag, absolutely terrifying. Robbie Turner giving me a mix of Violet Chachki and Jinx Monsoon and I don’t hate it. Kim Chi: 1000% fab. Bob the Drag Queen, I know i will love you this season already. Laila mcqueen: You’re actually pretty hot out of drag. Not Pearl hot mind you, but there’s something for this straight gal. Derick, are you fucking Courtenay Act??? I had to make sure it wasn’t the same person.

Honestly, RuPaul comes into the workroom and I am l i v i n g. But mostly because I can’t figure out what the fuck is going on with this outfit. circus pimp realness perhaps.

So the first challenge starts and it’s a photoshoot with all the previous winners! Yay! But what happened to Sharon Needles?? And where is Bianca??? My fave queen is nowhere to be found    :(.

so the main challenge begins and it’s a shit show. nobody knows what they’re doing per usual, we figure out which queens cannot sew (if you’ve been watching this show and want to be on it, you know that you won’t last 5 episodes if you can’t sew). One of them gets the dog challenge where they dress like a poodle then walk said poodle down the runway with you. This challenge sounds amazing, but i would be disqualified for not making my look and just petting the dog.

The results are in: Kim Chi wins! Yay! Layla something loses. Sad. But to be honest she was the most boring one in my opinion, and now that she’s gone everyone is exciting and I can keep them apart in my head. that was fun. time to sleep

— Daily Arts Writer


Neon sign that says werk!!! Need in my home bc lauren conraad wrote a blog post once about how crucial neon signs are to decorate your home with. bless her paper crown for kohl’s heart tbh. Four scorn and two weeks ago I procrastinated my Shakespeare essay and had the revelation that he literally invented the drag queen, so thanks be to you RuPaul for honoring that guy who probably doesn’t need any more praise.  I’ve never watched this show, and here I am watching the 100th episode.  Drag “race”? What’s the race? Where are they going? What’s the prize? Oh my god someone just said, “Go back to party city where you belong” … that is an iconic insult that I will definitely use tomorrow on an innocent victim. Drag names are iconic. I want a drag name. Oh my god this first contestant got his drag name from Naomi Campbell. When will I get mine? When will you get yours? You won’t, because you belong at Party City and I belong with kate middleton’s parents and their party goodie bag company. OK this first guy is so objectively attractive as both a man and a woman good for him because I can’t even master my #lewk. He’s obsessed with ‘90s supermodels! So am i! Everyone loves Naomi ugh no one walks like Naomi ugh. HAHA Dax ExclamationPoint rn: “what’s up nerds!!!” Dax also wants brunch. Dax I will brunch with you. And this entire cast for that matter. OMF Acid Betty just made an entrance af. Robbie Turner is literally wearing the robe you would wear to answer the door when the authorities come to deliver you the news of your oil empire husband dying under mysterious circumstances.

— Daily Arts Writer


What a time to be alive.

— Caroline Filips

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