The Michigan Daily Arts is proud to announce our brand new podcast, “Paul McCartney is Dead.” Join former Music Editor Mimi Zak, Senior Arts Editor Jacob Rich and Co-Managing Arts Editor Kathleen Davis as they discuss pop culture news and the arts week by week.

In the inaugural episode, meet the hosts and reminisce about 2015’s standout works in film, music and television. Topics covered include To Pimp a Butterfly, Ann Arbor Arbor community culture and the rumor that inspired the name of our podcast.

In our second episode, Co-Managing Arts Editor Adam Theisen and Film writer Madeleine Gaudin join the hosts to discuss “Anomalisa,” the Charlie Kaufman-penned stop-motion opus dominating film headlines. Is it a worthwhile portrait of mental illness, again and uncomfortable reality? Or should it be thrown on the pile with the rest of the white, male angst movies?

“Paul McCartney is Dead” is also available on iTunes.


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