Want to know an un-fun fact? Perfumes spoil in six to 18 months. And that’s if they’re stored properly, and I’m going to guess that they’re not. Because who in the world stores their perfume in a cool, dry place with no sunlight, i.e. a closet? So in all likelihood your scents will wither away sooner.

I have an embarrassing confession: I have purchased ungodly amounts of perfume under the pretense of a truly absurd fantasy. In my little reverie, a male colleague will find himself casually in close proximity to the nape of my neck — maybe it was purposeful, but it probably was not. While there, he will take note of my subtle but sweet scent, a mental double take will occur and suddenly he will find me both alluring and mysterious. Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous, but it still fueled many purchases. Yet faced with the reality of my rapidly depreciating perfume, it was suddenly much harder to justify the purchase of a $100 perfume, of which I will only use about 15 percent.

That being said, perfume holds a certain romanticism that extends past the desire to smell good after skipping a shower, and I was not quite ready to let go. Thankfully there was a solution, right underneath my nose: the rollerball.  

Perfumes are really expensive, rollerballs not so much. Forking over $75-100 for a bottle smaller than your hand is not the most fun. And, as previously established, the bulk of that money will go to waste, which makes the purchase all the more painful. Rollerballs are much more moderately priced (roughly $15-35) and you can smell exactly the same without having to rationalize spending a ton.

What’s more, rollerballs are incredibly convenient. Just throw ’em in your bag, your pencil case, or even your pocket. Their teeny travel-sized state means you can have them with you at all times.

This is majorly convenient because you don’t have to overdose on your scent. Perhaps I am just incompetent, but I have yet to master the right amount to spray on in the morning. In an attempt to survive the whole day smelling pleasantly, I cloak myself in a true cloud of perfume. I leave the house with near eye-watering levels of scent. My apologies to anyone who has gagged in the presence my borderline-toxic level of fragrance. Oof, I cringe at the memory. Thankfully, this is an issue you can completely sidestep with the good ’ole rollerball. With a rollerball, just apply a moderate amount and touch up throughout the day. You’ll be riding a scent nirvana the whole day.

Buy a rollerball, thank me later.

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