Apparently, Tiffany Trump was there.

When I arrived at the venue for fashion designer Taoray Wang’s Fall Winter 2017 show, I knew her work was a favorite of Ms. Trump’s. Heck, I’d even seen photos of her front row at the previous season’s production. But when I took my seat on Saturday morning, I felt entirely certain that the President’s daughter would not be making her first public debut since the Inauguration at such an openly liberal function. Few paparazzi were stationed in the venue. The usual huddled pockets of celebrity onlookers were nowhere to be found. No Trumps today, I assumed, and yet Tiffany remained the only thing on my mind.

As I watched models parade down the runway, all I could think about was whether she would wear that pantsuit, how she felt about jewel-tones, if that slit was too high for the President’s daughter. Once we hit the oversized tweed pieces, I pictured the grown woman’s father barring her from wearing something so “unflattering.” I imagined Donald Trump tweeting a photo of the risque lace tops captioned “Sad!” Though I would gladly wear nearly every look from the show’s second half, my brain instinctively eyed every outfit from a “build the wall” perspective.

Wang’s color choice was nearly flawless, her craftsmanship precise. Even her fabric choices, from a remarkably fine velvet to a crumpled tweed, appeared innovative. Unfortunately, my Trump-infested thoughts prevented me from viewing her collection in all of its strong-meets-sexy-woman glory.

I would love to go back to that day, to view that show through the eyes of someone who is not scared for the fate of their country. Tiffany Trump’s choice of dress may not be the difference between war and peace, but the world to which she belongs is cruel enough to dull even the brightest of sparkles. Tiffany, I would have loved it if your dad wasn’t the President.

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