It’s not just any Thai, it’s No Thai! No Thai! came to us in 2005 from a group of four friends who wanted to bring modern Thai food to the community. One member of the group, Noerung Hang, became the head chef and thus the name No Thai! was born.

Being a lover of all food is a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because restaurants near and far are constantly draining my pockets, but a blessing, because I get to eat the food from places like No Thai! At No Thai!, you first select your protein — chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp, as well as your level of spice. The lowest spice is “no spice” and the others are weak sauce, medium, yoga flame and finally, the hottest, Dim Mak. I’m more of a mild to medium kind of gal, so yoga flame and Dim Mak aren’t even on my radar. Plus, Dim Mak has a discouraging clip art image of skull and crossbones accompanying its name. So yeah, I pass on willingly inserting a deadly inferno into my mouth.

Aside from the diabolically hot items, I can appreciate everything on the menu. This review wouldn’t be complete without me putting in a shameless plug for No Thai!’s Pad Seeyu, would it? So, I encourage you to eat the Pad Seeyu with weak sauce. No Thai! is definitely deserving of its Best of Ann Arbor title and now that I’m salivating over my keyboard, I think I’ll have to order some.

See other winners below! You can also view the full web page here.

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