Regardless of how seriously you take astrology, it’s a very useful tool for introspection and expression ― an effective means of understanding oneself and connecting with others. The same can be said for the clothes you throw on your back. Wearing your heart on your sleeve at any price point will pay off in the end because you allow others to understand who you are and find ways to connect with you, whether that means expressing how you’re feeling on that particular day or that each outfit you debut is a carefully constructed and consistently aligned expression of identity. Regardless of how much value you place on fashion, personal style is inescapable.

Astrology’s take-this-as-far-as-you-want mantra lets you pull different elements of your life and relationships and create meaning, or just make a few tired jokes in attempt to disparage the two Scorpios in your life that crossed you (let them live, sweetie!). After reading your chart, some random sextile moons are going to strike a chord that resonates with you so profoundly that you’ll be on the floor fully gooped and riding through severe heart palpitations. Some are going to seem like they’re completely off (or are they?), and most people just look at their inner planets and end up saying that every sign’s overview is vague enough to relate to, which is kind of the whole point.

From entire maelstroms of online horoscopes in fashion magazines aiming to determine your personal style based on star signs to designers that build their brand around the energy and characteristics of a specific zodiac sign, the creative channels that stargazing has opened up for fashion are without bounds. The latter manifests itself best in Aries Arise, the brainchild of Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, respectively of Silas and Palace Skateboards, and patches together elements from what they call “80s trash fashion” along with other high-energy stylistic movements that sought to burn bourgeoisie tastes to the ground, with refreshingly minimal and considered silhouettes.

Their self-aware engagement with the unsustainably fast paced world of streetwear, injecting bits and pieces of rave culture and grunge to a market that those movements were diametrically opposed to, is almost Foucauldian in nature and results in a sort of seductive, controlled pop of energy. The brand name is not just a smart-alecky play on words, it’s an encapsulation ― Aries is associated with a brash fearlessness and an unapologetic energy, their design ethos is to provide a vehicle for their customer base to tap into that through their wardrobe.

Horoscopes and natal charts become a powerful means of expressing identity in a world that pounds the masses with information, treating the individual as little more than an object of influence and transaction potential under the guise of connection and belonging. Entire cultures are blended into marketable drops of goo in the face of liquid modernity. Both bewitching and horrifying, it’s important to have something to hold onto when navigating through the world marketplace. If there is no other option than to operate as a consumer, we can at least consume in such a way that creates meaning in our everyday lives, the intersection between astrology and personal style provides a wonderful way of doing that. 

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