“NO,” Meghan Trainor’s ultra-catchy, tell-em-how-it-is dance floor jam had me thinking I could like Trainor. The track’s accompanying music video reminds me why I don’t.

Nothing seems to add up and everything feels off, at best. The static that opens the video isn’t in tune with the song’s vibe and the opening lyrics play as Trainor’s black boots walk across a dark sidewalk, leading to the drop of the chorus as Trainor and dancers come together to pump out their routine.

Set in an urban basement, Trainor’s club vibes are lost in the emptiness. The exclusion of male dancers / extras is understandable; “NO” is for the girls. However, in cutting the dance floor along with its male-counterparts, the video only leaves viewers wondering why Trainor and Co. are alone in this basement — a stark contrast to the song’s infectious energy.

Fresh off a Best New Artist Grammy win, Trainor has released a single that’s, well, actually good. The same cannot be said for the video. Poor dance skills aside, the few moments of magic occur when the song and Trainor’s personality are favored over the idea of a tightly choreographed pop video. The video finds its groove in a series of shots featuring Trainor in a black mesh top, sitting around with her friends serving up some serious sass to the camera, but other than that it feels like rehearsal for a better video.

P.S. Keep the red hair. Burn that silver coat. 

YouTube video

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