As well known as FKA twigs may be for visually striking, otherworldly music videos, “Good to Love” is remarkably minimalist. It’s just her, a bed and a camera. The degree to which she can stretch this medium speaks to the artistry of twigs, not only as a singer and a dancer, but as a director as well.

For its minimalism, twigs still manages to bring an ethereal quality to this video. The sheets seem alive as they’re pulled and tossed, and clever camerawork blurs the line between skin and cloth. It’s a powerful reflection of her music, acutely preoccupied with lust and love. Her muses, however, are always peripheral. “Good to Love” is no doubt a plea to a lover, but it’s twigs who is center stage. Everything here is by her, for her, of her. It’s a solo sex scene on her own terms.

The most consuming part of this video — and all of her videos — is of course twigs herself, specifically her movements. They’re startlingly deliberate, yet still feel organic. She resembles a marionette as she throws herself around with the sheets. As the camera moves to her face, we get a flush of deep emotion with only a glance of the eyes. The result is a video that says a lot with a little. twigs might be a “sweet little lover maker,” but she has some big ideas.

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