On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Grimes released a total of seven music videos. They each can be viewed separately, or as one continuous film, “The AC!D Reign Chronicles.” “Butterfly” is the second video of this project.

Enlightening and ethereal, each delicate step taken by Grimes is a wonder of enchanting paces. Surrounded by an ancient villa in the Italian countryside, Grimes paints an ideal and bubbly picture. Accompanied by her friend, Hana, the two are outfitted in lightweight, loosely fitting dresses.

The music itself sounds like an ideal summer track. Synths ping about, and Grimes’s fast-paced vocals are drenched in auto-tune. The combination creates a sound that matches perfectly with its visuals.

Grimes dances as if the wind has seeped into her bones and controls each of her movements. Upon watching her it’s easy to fall into a relaxed trance, as the music carries you from one shot of the beautiful rustic countryside to the next. The setting is not completely devoid of well-known locations, as Grimes casually strolls past the Coliseum in one shot, and the Palazzo de Congressi in another.

The music video for “Butterfly” is a truly escapist experience. At the start of October, when the leaves begin to change and tank tops are replaced with sweatshirts, it is a welcomed gift.




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