Now let’s get this out of the way: Kylie Lotz, formally known under the name Petal, is one of the best damn artists making music today. Her lyrics are sharply poetic, her voice is achingly soft and her melodies bemoan of heartache. Over a year after releasing her incredible debut album Shame, Lotz has put out a video for one of the more melancholy songs on the album titled “Chandelier Thief,” showcasing much of what makes her music so enticing.
It’s a dark and often bare video, with shots of Lotz singing softly in different locations while staring longingly at the camera. Lotz is found walking around in alleys at night, or in almost entirely dark rooms except for her glowing frame. The song slowly builds on itself, with nothing except Lotz’s tender voice and a gentle electric guitar until over a minute and a half into the song, when Lotz sings, “I never asked you to watch me in my sleep.” The rest of the band kicks in as shots of Lotz with expressions from bemusement to understanding cut across the screen — her scenery never changes, but her emotions are symmetric to the song’s atmosphere.

The video does a fantastic job reflecting the emotions of becoming distanced from an old lover or friend. Usually this transition is healthy, despite the harsh realization that change is rarely easy. As fireworks go off behind her, Lotz smiles and sings “No matter how much distance we put between / can’t guarantee we wouldn’t touch our feet,” granting resolution in the hope of making amends that were broken in the past.


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