For a moment, Maggie Rogers seems to be singing just for herself. Meandering through a field of knee-high foliage, the singer is free of inhibition and preying eyes. She soon finds herself amidst a sparse clearing, sprinkled with slender trees and blanketed in freshly-cut grass. It’s there that her movements begin to mimic the music — they are jumpy, slippery and elegantly jagged. Rogers flicks and twirls her wrists, at the end of which are delicately-pinched fingers. She is now walking and moving with purpose, her defined movements juxtaposed with the airy nature of her voice.

But Rogers isn’t left alone for long. Following her motions, three female back-up dancers slide into view and join her in her jaunting strut. From there, the bodies and energy start to multiply. By the second chorus, the clearing has transformed into a multi-colored party scene, filled with smoke, smooching lovers and smiling friends. This Technicolor scene continues for the rest of the video, giving audiences glimpses into the seemingly glamorous, young lives of those dancing along to Roger’s melodic, sweet voice. The video ends just as it began — with Rogers sauntering alone through brushes and brambles — linking her and her music to all things free.

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