Chocolate chip cookies aren’t the only steamy things drawing undergrads into Mojo Dining: The new Instagram account @hotdudes_mojodining also pays homage to the dining hall — a hotspot for hot guys.

It’s so simple! Even hot guys have to eat!

The feed is full of mildly attractive boys mid-bite accompanied by suggestive captions like: “I bet this hot dude is happy about mac & cheese week and would be happy to show you a ‘gouda’ time (winkyface emoji, cheese emoji)” and “Could it be his Valentine that he’s eyeing? Or the fresh plate of cookies what was just brought out? (two diagonal pink hearts emoji).”

The gram which garnered the most likes is of “Mojo Flicka da Wrist” card swiper Darren.

The account was created during finals week of fall semester, out of boredom and inspiration from the Instagram account @hotdudesreading. The creator, who asked not to be named, said she had late exams at the end of fall semester and spent a lot of time in Mojo Dining Hall because she lives on the Hill.

“There was nothing left to do besides study, so we ended up doing what we usually do to procrastinate — sitting in the dining hall for hours on end,” she said.

That was when the account was born. 

“I follow an Instagram account: hotdudesreading, so as we sat there, feeling our saneness leaving us, one of my friends, jokingly at first, was like, ‘We should make a hotdudesinmojodininghall account!’ ” she said. But as we were nearing our third hour of sitting in the dining hall, the idea sounded better and better by the minute. So, as a result of our impending craziness, the account was made.”

The account encourages viewers to submit photos of attractive Mojo diners by either sending the pictures through Instagram messenger or by using #hotdudesinmojo. As the account has gained attention — now yielding nearly 300 followers — more submitted phots have been featured.

“In the beginning, I took most of the pictures, but as I gained more followers, a lot of people started sending in pictures, so now, it’s about 50/50,” the creator said. “When I created the account, I didn’t think it would have gotten as big as it did. Now, I rely a lot on the submissions, since it’s not exactly an easy task to stakeout the dining hall and capture a photo of every ‘hot dude’ I see.”

Capturing hot dudes in their natural habitat isn’t easy: The curator says there are tricks to it.

“You gotta be stealthy, like a jackal.”

The awkward angled, not always perfectly focused photos are a testament to that, but it’s also what’s appealing about the account. That, and the dudes. Initially the account included photos of guys the curator is attracted to, but including submissions has helped to diversify the feed to include a variety of types.

“When I take the pictures, I take shots of and feature people I find attractive,” she said. “But for the submissions, I end up featuring pretty much every one I get, because everyone’s idea of attraction is different. Even if I don’t find them attractive, it doesn’t mean that they’re not.”

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