“May It last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers” is a fun, zesty and genuine documentary whose portrayal of the lives and creative process of the Avett Brothers mirrors the heart and warmth of their music. The film offers an intimate look into the bond between Scott and Seth Avett, which began in early childhood and strengthened exponentially onward. Intensely funny, the film shines with a vein of humor characteristic of producer Judd Apatow, yet doesn’t fail to explore moments of intensity, pain and struggle that influence both the band members and their music. “May It Last” showcases the extraordinary talent of the brothers as poetic songwriters who grapple with the tensions of the commercialization of deep emotion, and who ultimately work to bring beauty from pain and sacrifice. With an emphasis on family and sincerity, “May It Last” is a spectacular illumination of the Avett Brothers. 

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