Over the 42-minute finale of E!’s docu-series, “I Am Cait,” the first chapter of a long, groundbreaking journey came to a close. Cait and Kris Jenner reunited. Cait met the pastor who would officiate her name-change ceremony. And, finally, Bruce Jenner officially became Caitlyn Jenner — her authentic self — and struck the chord of a new beginning.

“I Am Cait”


Season Finale


Caitlyn Jenner’s marriage to Kris seemed as if it was only a dream at this point, but for the Kardashian/Jenner clan, it was the glue that held their antics together. Like most imminent sit-down discussions, this began tense: Curt hellos, “Where should we sit?” and “OK, let’s get to it.” But in contrary to E! culture, there wasn’t a cat fight; there were minimal tears and a sensible Kris Kardashian. Over the course of “I Am Cait” ’s first season, the Kardashian side had often felt like guest stars as opposed to Caitlyn’s new group of girlfriends, which is fine — the show wasn’t about the Kardashians, it was about Caitlyn’s journey into the transgender community — but it’s hard to ignore Kris’s feelings of being left behind. Conversely, it’s hard to ignore Caitlyn’s hurt feelings over how the marriage ended and Kris’s lack of support. Nonetheless, the women and audience settled on the notion that from now on it will be better. *Scene closes with a selfie.*

Ultimately, this episode and the entire season led into Caitlyn’s official transition into herself. She hosted a gorgeous ceremony in her newly-redecorated Malibu home complete with her girl squad, Boy George and a gay men’s choir. Shandi read different meanings of the name “Caitlyn” inviting smiles; Jennifer read a touching  E.E. Cummings poem; and finally, Candis sang “Amazing Grace.” Everyone dressed flawlessly in white. ’Twas an occasion that would give any Kardashian wedding a run for its money. Next, Cait and her friends discussed the role of religion in the transgender community over lunch. The conversation covered many bases: A man shouldn’t dress like a woman. You shouldn’t touch a pig. Yes, those are both biblical verses discussed, and yes they do not hold much weight in today’s society. No, that doesn’t make anyone godless. It’s a poignant scene that touches on the presence of spirituality in the trans community while concurrently acknowledging the fact that many are pushed away from religion as they move toward their true selves.

Ultimately, Caitlyn Jenner bid her first-season audience farewell make-up-less from her bedroom webcam: “We’ve got a long way to go, but at least we’ve got a really really good beginning. And that makes my heart feel good.”

Before “I Am Cait” aired, E! got a lot of side eye for the term “docu-series.” And as the series premiered, progressed and finished, the show itself has been judged based on the merits of reality television as opposed to the documentary it aimed to be. “I Am Cait” can pride itself on showing the best in its cast as opposed to capitalizing on the less-than-desirable parts of human nature.

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