Welcome to the final week of Capricorn season! This week, as a sort of incidental send-off to the season, a rare astrological event is occurring. Six planets will be aligning in Capricorn at once, affecting each sign uniquely and perceptibly. The event takes place on January 16, and effects of the alignment will be felt for a few days surrounding this date. Each of the horoscope predictions below touch on this event, as it will color the week ahead, whatever that means.



The six planets will be aligning in the Tenth House of your chart, which means a rare, immense amount of power in this house representing reputation, status, achievement and prestige — particularly as it relates to career or academic success. There’s no need to be impulsive about this; it’s time to show off your academic or career-induced confidence and invest in yourself. Who doesn’t want full license to invest in themselves? Take advantage of it. Call it self-care, we won’t tell. This time will be especially auspicious for you, so get those internship applications sent out, network with the professor you need a letter of rec from, whatever it is that you need, this is the time. You may find that this manifests as you leaving a job, turning down an offer or dropping a class in service of some larger goal. Just remember that your goal will not achieve itself. As an Aries, you have the tenacity and the confidence to assert your worth and design your success. Make this your focus for the week — no matter how large or small your goals or your achievements are — celebrate them. Consider The New York Times crossword puzzle, but do not, under any circumstances, complete it.


The unique alignment will happen for you in the Ninth House. The Ninth House of your chart governs complex understanding, global travel and thought and how we make meaning. So on the 16th, you may be grappling with larger questions, planning on embarking upon travel or collaborating with people you’ve never worked with before. This can feel like a time of duress, but with this auspicious alignment you will have celestial support, so chill. Lean into collaboration, lean out of your trademark stubbornness, and absolutely do not read the Sheryl Sandberg book of a similar title. Your life is about to enter a period of spontaneity and abstraction, which may be difficult given how grounded you are. Be patient and try to keep your head in the clouds a bit more than usual. You never know what you’ll find up there and it might be nice to get a little daydreamy. Hit “reply all” on an email listserv. Live a little.


You guessed it, the rare alignment affects you too, Gemini, in the Eighth House. This represents joint finance, loss and healing and transformation. Also taxes. It’s a bit of a catch-all now that I think about it. Anyway, January 16 and the surrounding days will have a strong focus on these areas. Now is the time to be strategic. Resist indecision and flightiness, and focus on getting your finances in order. Be meticulous about this. I don’t want to say trust no one, but honestly, trust no one, at least when it comes to money. Now is not the time to take risks with money, although you could probably have luck with a scratch-off lottery ticket or winning a bar trivia gift certificate. And you probably should. You deserve it. Or you’ll convince yourself you do. If you use this alignment in the right way, you could set yourself up for an extremely prosperous month. Focus on yourself this month and this week and fight your tendency for inconsistency. In your free time, consider investing in antiques or real-estate, those two casual and affordable hobbies most college students have.


The alignment for you will be in your Seventh House, representing long term partnerships, and the decisions that go into choosing to begin or end said partnership. Additionally, due to the distance from Cancer to the Seventh House, your reaction to this alignment will be quite extreme. You may feel drained or energized by this decision which will occur in the days surrounding January 16. You’ll need to look past your typical Cancer loyalty and adopt a more analytical view for clarity, all without losing touch of the hypersensitivity that makes you you. Throughout this fluctuating astrological moment, be comforted with the knowledge that this month is favorable for you. You are incandescent, and you will have a shift throughout the next  month to reflect this. You’ll need to keep yourself in balance this week throughout this unique alignment. To do this, wear a hat this week to test the waters. See if you can pull off hats. Hats could be your new thing!


The house your planets align in this week is the Sixth, that of work and tasks. Not the typical Leo glamour you thrive on, I know. But it’s time to get some cute stationery or get really into Google Calendar, because it will become critical to stay on top of it all. Your creativity and passion will be put to work, yet you will also take longer to get tasks done this week. Understand that’s going to happen, and keep your head down throughout it. Don’t do the thing when you overestimate yourself — attention to detail will be crucial for success, so it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew for a little while. Schedule appointments with your doctor and dentist this week, buy some new moisturizer and buckle down. You’re going to be succeeding and looking your best as usual, but you’re going to need to put in this work for a while. Use some left-handed safety scissors to cut up an old credit card and paste it into a collage.

Get ready for the stacked alignment in your Fifth House of romance, creativity and the pursuit of pleasure on and around January 16. What an exciting time! We all know Virgos can be a bit literal, a bit perfectionist, even when it comes to love. This month may just live up to your highest hopes, though. You may become more verbal than usual, finding it easier to communicate and shedding a bit of your self-hypercriticism. It may be a good week to focus on watching musicals. Even if, especially if, you don’t like musical theater. During all of this positivity, you may find yourself remaining paranoid, particularly about your sense of self and your finances. Try to enjoy and savor the good parts of the week and month, but in typical Virgo fashion, be deliberate and careful about your suspicions. Carry around an expensive vase, taking extreme care not to trip and drop it.


Libras, sometimes you’re so indecisive that when you buy clothes you buy the same top in a couple different colors just to see what you like. This month is not the time for such splurges, which can be difficult to hear given your love for luxury. Get over it. You don’t need to be excessive right now. Similarly, coming out of winter break might have been tough on you. The 16th will bring alignment to the house of home and family — the Fourth House. You may have thought that spending time with family or friends over break would leave you ready for more adventures in the new year, but you should continue to lean into these closer relationships and make time for practical, personal talks during this time. Go see Lady Bird with your mother, or a Star War with your siblings. By the end of the week, though, you’ll start to feel more like yourself and socialization will return to your life (as you know it rightly should). Test drive a vehicle and weep about public transit to its salesman.


If you need to have any meetings, presentations or travel, this is the week for you, as the 16th will bring planets into your Third House, known for communication and travel. This is a great time to be occupied with learning something new and attending cultural events you usually would pass up. Something about this month excites you, Scorpio. And not in a post-ironic, post-fun way. The thing is, amid all of this effervescence, you’ll be tempted to get carried away. And you may get so caught up in all of the exciting new things you’re doing that you forget to let others speak. You may have so much energy that you aren’t sure what to do with yourself. Chill out and step back in these conversations, and instead quietly pursue your bubbling interests. Locate your nearest Kinko’s and immediately call a local mechanic. Look into purchasing a full unironic mechanic-style jumpsuit, too. You’ll never know when it will come in handy.


January 16th will bring planets into your Second House, representing income and self-esteem. Decisions about money this week could set the tone for the next six months. Despite this, you’ll be feeling yourself this week and taking on new responsibilities, either by choice or by circumstance. These challenges will be opportunities for you, so long as you remember to communicate well throughout their duration. One issue you may face is having to put a pause on a creative project — whether that’s your magnum opus or your plan to see all the Oscar contenders. Be patient and try to see the light this month as your energy, optimism and stamina continue to grow back to their normal levels after this winter’s dip. This is a month of transition, a month of growth and a month of reflection. Make the most of it! As shocking as it may seem, making some hard boiled eggs will serve you well.


It’s Capricorn season! The last week of your yearly time to shine, Capricorn, and everyone is picking up on it. You’ll be socializing more this month, meeting different people and catching the eyes of many. What’s more, is you’ll be better understood and others will view you more optimistically this month than usual. Relax some of your competitive, cutthroat spirit and open yourself up to others. If you do so, you won’t even need to compromise much. Everyone can see the best in you this month and it would do you well to try and reciprocate. If you do, you may even find a group of people who can help you in your ultimate goals — and what’s better for Capricorns than an appeal to ambition? You’ll also enjoy great health, up until the end of the week when you ease out of Capricorn season. You may feel tired or notice a house-based problem arise. Plan a relaxing weekend getaway or try meditation soon, so you can end your season on a high note! On another note, you should update your Bitmoji.


You’re sometimes stereotyped as aloof, Aquarius, but the planets are aligning on the 16th in your Twelfth House of privacy and rest. Your stereotype may need to sit tight for a while and be honest with this truth. It will be a glorious week to finish projects, homework and any other tasks you’ve been putting off. Proofread them a lot, too. The Twelfth House also governs the subconscious mind, so this will be a good time to just like, put on some Joy Division (or whatever vintage record you pick up at the shop) and think, man, you know? This may take up a lot of your energy for the week. You may even catch a cold or feel down in the midst of this. Take a break from eating at restaurants and drinking and watch some golf. You never know, it may be just what you need!


You’re looking for something new this month, Pisces, and who can blame you? New year, new you feels too cliché to say, but be honest, you’re thinking it in some part of your mind. Now is the perfect time to reassess your membership in different groups. You may have been thinking about dropping a student org and joining a new one, or moving on from a certain friend group. You may discover a new friend or reunite with an old one. This all relates to the planets aligning in your Eleventh House which rules friendship. So in addition to being in a positive state of flux, you may have a friend or community member reach out to you for help around the 16th. Being the water sign you are, Pisces, your compassionate and gentle traits will be much needed to comfort this person. Get into board games this week and invite your new friend. Not card games. Board games.

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