Without a doubt, what I look forward to the most while being back in Lady Ann are game days. Yes, it’s great to see all my friends again. Yes, I love my rigorous training curriculum even in my senior year. Yes, the traffic on Huron is as thrilling as ever. But, game days as a student are just magical. 

Our section — filled with Musical Theater majors — on game days is without a doubt my favorite. Reliving those vibrant moments of school spirit as everyone comes together before the crushing atmosphere of winter isolation is a sensation that I am convinced could not be replicated anywhere else. 

Of course, there’s the game day garb. It always impresses me how creative people get with their game day outfits. I try to be as glam as humanly possible. I wear costume diamond drop earrings with a bright yellow $20 fur coat. I top it off with a bucket hat. The rest depends on the temperature. 

The actual victor of the game is rarely the point of game days. My friends and I subscribe to the notion of the journey being more important than the destination. This is really only false when we are playing against Michigan State or Ohio State. In these situations, the output is crucial to school morale. 

I love game days. The happiest I’ve been here is on game days. The feeling of being a part of something so big, joined together by one common goal, is just downright cool. Before I came to Michigan, people told me that everyone up here would brainwash me into thinking that we had the greatest school in the world. They were completely right. We do have the greatest school in the world. I’d love for someone to try and tell me otherwise.

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