Halloween 2015 went out with a bang. Here are some of The Michigan Daily style team shares the most notable looks from at hoMe and Hollywood.
Celebrity Costumes
Kim Kardashian West

Another year, another Halloween, another Kim Kardashian Halloween costume. In the past Kim has taken full advantage of the holiday to dress up as the likes of superheroes, Disney princesses and various types of feline creatures. However, this year, she did something totally unexpected, something no one could have predicted. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian dressed up as Kim Kardashian for Halloween 2015. Channeling her hideous-couch floral printed gown from the 2013 Met Ball, Kardashian paid homage to her former pregnant self. Lazy or genius? Call it whatever you want, but we can’t help but wonder if Yeezus himself inspired this act of pure narcissism. Bottom line is, the outfit didn’t work in 2013, and it still isn’t working now, Kim, this is a worst dressed for sure. — Mariam Sheikh

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid slayed Halloween as “Grease” ’s Sandra Dee. Not only does she already look like Sandra with her blond hair, Hadid wore a half mesh off-the-shoulder black crop top, black Lycra high-waisted leggings and a leather jacket with lacing details. She completes her Sandra Dee look with tight blond curls, bright red heels, nails and lipstick — and of course a fake cigarette. Best dressed. — Carly Colonnese
Heidi Klum

Klum is known for going all-out every Halloween in the costume department for her annual spook-tacular bash. While for most Halloween costumes are simply accessories or clothing, for Klum, nothing is off limits. From prosthetics and latex to a whole lot of fur, her mission is to truly transform each year. Needless to say, she has set high expectations for her fans, and this year she disappointed. Klum dressed as an even tackier version of Jessica Rabbit — the outfit was all glitz and no glam, all fire without the flare. She gets my vote for most effort given without the reward. Maybe next year, Heidi. — Mariam Sheikh

Campus Costumes

Cutie Scooby

Always on the lookout for a great Scooby Doo rendition, this particular canine costume caught my eye. Dressed in a midi brown bodycon dress and headband fitted with a goofy Scooby face, this Halloweener gets major props for being straightforward and stylish. Her high neck paired perfectly with the handmade felt collar (creativity, people!), which could have easily been mistaken for a chic choker. Someone deserves a Scooby Snack. —Mara Maclean


Nothing like a costume that’s hilarious without sacrificing cuteness. Thursday night I ran into a pair of loofahs, pulled together with shower caps, rope handles and lots of colorful tulle. Sure the costumes are a little on the voluminous side (loofahs are round, after all), but once you get past hip-length it’s all about the legs. Color coordinating in baby blue and hot pink, this was a pair to remember. — Kathleen Davis


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