In a town with an arts scene as vibrant as Ann Arbor, it’s hard not to find a show or performance going on during any given weekend. Both on and off-campus, there is a wide variety of live music to enjoy. Whether it be a house show at a co-op or a touring act at an established club, every venue offers a different audience experience. In a new segment from Arts, Interrupted called Get to the Gig, the gang is exploring some of these events and talking to some super cool artists along the way.
To kick off this segment, the team went down to First Street to the infamous Blind Pig. The Pig is a space with an extensive history and has hosted a number of big names, back when they were maybe not so big. Recently, Cory Wong of Vulfpeck played a few solo shows on a chilly Friday night. Lucky for you, the Arts, Interrupted gang was there to see the exciting performance.
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Prior to his performance, Sam and Emily got to chat with Wong. He made a name for himself as the rhythm guitarist of Vulfpeck but has also toured extensively as solo act. He answered questions about his new record, Elevated Music for an Elevated Mood, performing solo, and what he likes about playing at different sorts of venues. 
Sam also chatted with Jason Berry, the talent buyer of the Blind Pig and got the inside scoop on how the venue came to be the institution that it is today. He discussed the colorful history of the space, from when it first operated as a live music café to when it became the iconic venue it is today where canonical acts like Nirvana, Mac Miller and Mitski have performed.
Throughout this season, and in seasons to come, the gang will be covering even more live events and celebrating the diverse music scene in our own backyard.
Special thanks to Jason Berry and Cory Wong for lending us their words and time. This episode was also brought to you by executive producer Sam Small, content producers Emily Ohl, Max Rosenzweig, Avin Katyal, and Martha Starkel, audio producers Will Pederson and Ben Schrier, and audio engineer Spencer Harris. Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next week. 

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