A group of best friends, heartthrobs and talented singers, the Michigan G-Men are ready to let loose and have fun this Friday at their annual variety show “G-Fest.” The premier all-male a cappella group will be performing alongside other University performance groups including Revolution (a performance collective specializing in Chinese Yo-yo, Photonix, glowstick visual artists) and Midnight Book Club (an improv comedy troupe). 

The G-Men have been on campus for 24 years, and their hard work has continued to impress audiences. The group commits to participating in philanthropic events and a concert tour around the country. Rehearsing for seven hours a week, the G-Men are dedicated to mastering their collaborative talent and eclectic sound, carrying with them an array of voice parts and personalities. Their sets usually consist of ranging music genres from modern pop to experimental rock and more. Two of their untraditional but popular hits are “Eleanor Rigby” and “Skinny Love.”

During their travels, the guys have been able to share their talent as well as meet other students with similar interests and experiences. “We travel a lot and are asked to perform at competitions and shows,” said LSA Senior Daniel Honet. “You get to connect and meet all these incredible people that you wouldn’t get to know otherwise,” which also reflects the embodiment of G-Fest. 

Their effort in creating a stimulating and entertaining performance represents the G-Men members. Many of the guys are not SMTD majors, but are involved in all types of fields and still commit time to singing and working with the group. 

“The G-Men is where I can relieve all the stress that I get from academics and and stuff like that,” said G-Men President and LSA Junior Kyle Kim. “We’re always having a lot of fun.” 

Although the group is used to performing within a musical, a cappella setting, G-Fest shows its uniqueness by bringing together various artistic mediums. The concert showcases a “specific niche of Michigan culture, so it’s nice to see them coming together … spectacles of all kinds,” said LSA Senior Jake Wilson. 

Designing a mosaic of flavors and artists, G-Fest is an event made for anybody to enjoy. “G-Fest is always just a really enthralling performance for the people who are in the audience because it brings something for anyone of all ages,” Wilson added. The event is hosted on parents weekend every year, so they can “come and see which student performing groups are on campus and what this campus has to offer.”

Whether that be parents, students or community members, the audience feeds off the performers’ energy. Kim, Wilson and Honet emphasized the notion that when showing up with smiles on their faces, being goofy and radiating how much fun they’re having, the audience can’t help but to party alongside them. “The audience is so supportive,” Honet added. “The crowd is constantly supporting anything happening on stage, even if someone messes up.” It’s evident that this is a notable trait of the G-Men and their familial bond.

“My favorite part about the G-Men is just having a support network,” Wilson said. “U of M is a big place, so it’s nice to have a group of people that you know are going to be there for you week-in and week-out, both in person and in spirit.”

Excited to highlight their work and the talents of other artistic collectives, the G-Men present “G-Fest 2018” this Friday at Rackham Auditorium. 

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