“Chic” and “comfort” are two words that describe Chloé’s latest collection perfectly. The first look to grace the runway was a huge poncho. I’m not quite sure how anyone under 5’8” would look in this. For someone of my short stature, it may appear like I’m drowning, but you know what? I don’t care because the poncho is flawless.

Not everything was made with comfort and flattery in mind. Within the first minute, a full-on leather zip-up jumpsuit came down the runway. This was slightly unflattering on the stick figure model, so I try not to picture myself in this garment. The idea of this piece is great, super chic with an edge.

Oversized ponchos and capes seemed to be a big theme throughout the show, if you haven’t caught on already. Whether they were worn on top of a beautiful chiffon dress or paired with cropped leather pants, they were certainly a dominating factor. These capes and ponchos were truly inspiring, bringing the oversized look into high fashion this season. I’m not exaggerating when I say this: immediately following the show, I went to my dad’s closet looking for oversized sweatshirts. Maybe, just maybe, they could somehow resemble this look to a fraction of a degree. I can try, can’t I? Many of the fashion-obsessed, such as myself, would truly try anything to look Chloé-esque.

Almost every piece, aside from the classic leather ensembles were oversized and feminine. So if you are a couple of pounds over your “summertime goal weight,” it won’t matter in these free-flowing Chloé pieces. Another theme of the show was the scarf tied tightly around the model’s neck. If you can picture the Pink Ladies from “Grease” and the scarves they wore on their necks, that’s what these Chloé scarves resembled. It’s no wonder the fashion world has been favoring scarves as of late. Think about it: you can literally wear a scarf like this with anything, and your outfit will be effectively 10 times cooler (don’t believe me? Try it). Almost everything in this collection was constructed from soft colors and loose edges, which lent a sense of boho-chic. Carefree and cool vibes radiated off of each garment, perfectly curated for this collection.

Surprisingly, no handbags came down the runway with any of the models. This was disappointing; the world has never seen a Chloé bag that it wasn’t immediately impressed with. Most of the shoes in the show were boots; most boots had a high shaft, above the ankle but still below the knee for more wearability. They came in different colors, such as black, brown and tan.

However, the coolest piece of all came out nine minutes into the show. It was a multicolored, oversized coat that stopped at the knee. Made of a thick wool-like material, the coat was completely and unapologetically fringed. This jacket was by far the biggest statement piece of the show this season.

To sum it up, I basically want everything that came down the runway. The oversized and free-forming designs bring about a pure form of femininity, which is something I can get behind. These high-end fashion garments are something that you can wear out to a gala, or wear inside when you’re alone in the apartment eating your leftover Chinese food. Now, that’s versatility at its finest. This collection receives an A from me. The designer really had every kind of woman in mind while creating these pieces, and I know I am among the many women who hope to be lucky enough to wear them one day. 

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