Despite being relatively small and new, Flyte have consistently brought out some of the most outstanding singles and EPs of the last few years. Now building to their debut album, “Echoes,” a single released on Monday, marks their first release since “Please Eloise” in 2015.

Finding inspiration in nostalgia, both lyrically and musically, “Echoes” is an ethereal walk through bittersweet lyrics and punchy synths. Although the song just about reaches the three-minute mark, there is emotion packed into every second, and the humming bass and synths take centre stage. That is in no way to say that this isn’t just as captivating lyrically, though. Tackling the hard truths of forgetting and reminiscence, singer Will Taylor evokes relatable post-break up emotions through the repeated refrain, “they remember the echoes.” Another talent that Flyte have honed so well is harmonizing, perhaps exemplified on a cappella videos posted on Facebook recently, but here it plays a subdued part. It suits the sound perfectly.

“Echoes” is a true short, but sweet song — so nostalgic, yet it only toes the line of sadness. Flyte are experts at emotional writing, and their first single in two years shows that this talent is not going anywhere.

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