Rihanna is a Queen of innovation. Not by any means am I dissing old-school Rihanna, but in the last three or so years, she has moved from being one of music’s biggest pop stars to mogul status. She’s not a businesswoman; she’s a business, woman! Remember when she killed the Grammy performance with Kanye and Paul MCcartney? And when she dropped ANTI in a mess that seems oddly fitting in retrospect? Well, now she released a makeup line for people of all skin tones, and revealed her fourth collection for Puma at New York Fashion Week.

Whether it comes in the form of leaving a restaurant with a wine glass or covering Tame Impala, Rih’s always throwing the punches and Fenty’s Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection is no exception.

As to be expected, the majority of Fenty x Puma’s allure isn’t its subtleties. The soft pink and green of last Spring’s collection have been replaced with iridescent blues, greens and pinks which are leveled out with a heavy dose of orange in the gut of the show. In line with previous collections, pieces alternate between excess (brooding trench coats and sweats) and skimpy (body suits and, for the first time, swimwear). I’ve stated before, an entire outfit of Fenty is a LOOK, but its diversity of color and style offers endless options when assimilated into a proper wardrobe (read: statement pieces galore).

However, some statements just seem wrong here. Those worker boots? Abhorrent. But then again she could dress Ducky Thot, Slick Woods and Joan Smalls in literal garbage bags and I would still call it fierce (because it would be). Comparably, it’s her weakest collection yet but DEAR GOD do I need that translucent hoodie.


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